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Job Opportunity for Sales and Marketing Manager

Majestic Ginseng Products Ltd.

3-980 Camosun Crescent

Kamloops, BC V2C 6G2&nb [...]

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優惠期間:9/20~10/31 2020



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Introduction of Golden Ginseng American Ginseng Factory
July 31, 2020

Golden Ginseng American Ginseng Products Company is the only American ginseng product company that is co-organized by members of the Ginseng Farmers Association in British Columbia, Canada, and is grown and operated by Ginseng Farmers. It is also the only American ginseng processing plant open to the public in British Columbia, Canada. The founder of the company, Mr. Allan Raymond, has more than 30 years of experience in cultivating American ginseng. He has specially selected Kamloops in British Columbia, Canada, where the air is fresh, the water is pollution-free, the climate is dry, and the soil is fertile. North American American Ginseng. The Golden Ginseng American Ginseng Factory uses natural and healthy planting techniques to ensure that all American ginseng products are free of pesticide residues and heavy metal content. From planting soil selection to ginseng seedling cultivation, ginseng root harvesting, washing, drying, screening and boxing, all are by the founder Mr. […]

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Efficacy and Ingredients of American Ginseng
July 28, 2020

American ginseng is the best natural restorative for nourishing heat, clearing away heat and restoring properties. American ginseng used to be a precious Chinese medicine in the imperial family. Now known as super vegetable in North America, it is a genuine natural health care product. Today, Chinese medicine is regarded as a good medicine for curing diseases. The value of American ginseng is mainly in the production of body fluids and has a certain effect of replenishing qi. Because it is more moisturizing and not dry and hot, it is different from the warming and dryness of Korean ginseng, which is good for nourishing yin and clearing away heat. Chinese "Materia Medica" records the effects of American ginseng in detail: (American ginseng, bitter sweetness and cooling, thick taste and thin air, nourishes the lungs and reduces fire, promotes body fluid, relieves tiredness, and is suitable for those who suffer from deficiency and fire.) According to Western medical research, American ginseng has Inhibition of central nervous system, antipyretic, analgesic, soothing, anti-insomnia, anti-oxidation, anti-arteriosclerosis, lowering blood sugar, promoting immune function and lowering cholesterol. The reason why American ginseng has its special effects is mainly due to various component elements [...]

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