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Majestic Ginseng Products Ltd. is a producer owned, operated manufacturer and retailer of high quality products, specializing in Canadian grown North American Ginseng. Majestic is associated with a modern, state of the art ginseng processing facility which is run yearly and open to the public in Kamloops, the heart of the British Columbia, Canada ginseng growing region. The founder, Mr. Allan Raymond, is a professional Agrologist and ginseng producer, as well as being a member of the executive board of the British Columbia Ginseng Growers Association. Mr. Raymond possesses over 30 years experience growing North American Ginseng in central British Columbia, Canada. This is the premiere region for the production of North American Ginseng, as its proximity to the Rocky Mountains provides the ideal climate, with the clean air, clean water and virgin soils ensuring the finest quality. Mr. Raymond ensures all aspects of the ginseng production and processing conform to all pertinent Canadian government regulations. Majestic Ginseng Products Ltd. guarantees all of our products are 100% pure and are of the highest quality available - this is our promise. During a visit to our showroom and processing facility, Majestic Ginseng offers our guests the unique opportunity to experience how locally grown ginseng is processed, as well as view a demonstration garden which displays an example of the growing environment of the crop within the pristine conditions in central British Columbia, Canada. Majestic Ginseng is very proud of the fact we are the only farm-direct supplier of ginseng and ginseng products in the entire region, and as a result customers can be confident that they are purchasing the very highest quality North American Ginseng products available anywhere. Majestic Ginseng specializes in sales of whole graded roots, ginseng powder, ginseng tea, ginseng capsules, and ginseng honey products, among others. We are currently developing additional products to compliment our existing line.
Majestic Ginseng Products mission is to develop, promote and distribute the highest quality natural health care products available. Focusing primarily on North American Ginseng products, Majestic's success is entirely as a result of the efforts, knowledge and enthusiasm of it's employees as they educate our customers about the intrinsic value and benefits of using our products on a regular basis. Majestic's name is synonymous with exceptional quality, and this philosophy will be applied to future development in the ginseng value-added products.
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